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Southbay Structural Integration coaches you in how to best be in your body. It gives a heightened awareness to move with maximum functionality and attain optimal postural alignment. This is achieved through a process of bodywork, bio-mechanic assessment and movement re-education. With Structural Integration your movement becomes easier and more fluid allowing your body to move as a whole instead of a collection of parts. Over 10 sessions, you develop an awareness in how to best be in your body; with the aim of being free or stresses and strains, relieved from chronic pain and an awareness in how to heal from sports or other injuries.

chronic pain management through movement re-education
postural alignment, rolfing deep tissue myo fascial body work

Benefits of structural integration

  • Increased flexibility and ease of movement

  • Increased energy and vitality

  • Improved posture and balance

  • Release of chronic pain, tension and stress

  • Enhanced physical and athletic performance

  • Enhanced body awareness

  • Look and feel younger

  • Expanded sense of well-being

History of Structural Integration

Developed by Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1950s, Structural Integration (sometimes referred to as ‘Rolfing’) is a unique method of bodywork; correcting postural irregularities through the manipulation of fascia, which Dr. Rolf often called ‘’the organ of structure’. She devised a system reorganising the body in 10 sessions give each person their best posture. The sessions, known as the 10 series, include bodywork, movement exercises and an education in how best to be in your body.

She understood that muscular tension and pain was often a consequence of poor posture, and that these problems could be solved if the body’s structure was adjusted and eased to strike an improved balance with gravity. A balanced posture demands less work from the muscles, ligaments and tendons, which in turn allows them to function with less effort and greater vitality.

What is fascia?

Fascia is a  network of connective tissue that runs throughout the entire body, It is the wrapping to all organs, bones and muscles and is intrinsic to every muscle fibre, ligament and tendon. It is a 3-dimensional matrix of continuous web-like layers, which provides a flexible internal support system.

The fascial system responds to injury and chronic tension by contracting, from both the forces of gravity and the mechanical forces of habitual movement patterns. When fascia contracts, it physically shortens and thickens, often straining the body and pulling it out of alignment.

I believe that posture is the key to a greater awareness in both mind and body. Optimum postural alignment gives ease to the body and allows for the greatest functionality and range of movement. My passion is to guide clients through bodywork, postural assessment and movement re-education to a greater mind-body awareness.—Victoria Brill



board certified structural integration therapist, clinical massage therapist and sports therapist with 20 years experience

Victoria was recently featured in VoyageLA,


Licensed in both the UK and California, Victoria is a board certified Structural Integration Practitioner.

As a Structural Integration Practitioner,Victoria works alongside doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, pilates and yoga instructors. In her practice she has assisted clients' in their rehab, pre-post operation, relieved or reduced chronic pain and helped in the healing or sports or other injuries.. She delivers a holistic and co-ordinated method of healing while working with other healthcare professionals. She has benefitted from working with everyone from the young to the elderly, pro-athlete to the weekend warrior. Her love and passion is coaching clients to a fuller body awareness; guiding them through dialogue, observing posture and movement patterns to hep clients' understand and use their bodies with the maximum of ease for the most effect.


Structural Integration sessions are between 90 minutes and 2 hours long. They include postural analysis in standing and walking, body work - similar to deep tissue and movement lessons and education. The 10 series is broken down into 10 individual sessions which reorganise the layers of the body one at a time. New clients are required to complete the 10 series before having any other structural integration sessions. This way the bodywork will be more longer lasting.


308 1/2 S.Catalina Ave Redondo Beach CA 90277

TEL 310 883 4702

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Victoria Brill: 308 1/2 S.Catalina Ave Redondo Beach CA 90277

310- 883 4702

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