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Structural integration is provided through a sequence of 10 sessions designed to re-align posture and balance (referred to as ‘the 10 series). Sessions range from 90-120 minutes.

Structural Integration Sessions

Sessions 1-3 re-organize the superficial fascia (or sleeve) of the body

The goal of these sessions is to open, lengthen and organise the extrinsic layers. This creates space for the deeper layers to unwind and release.

Sessions 4-7 unwind the deep core tissue

These are referred to as the deep sessions or the core. This is the inner fascial, It is the area of slow twitch fibres and postural muscles. The goal is to open, lengthen and organise these intrinsic layers.

Sessions 8-10 are the integrative sessions

This is where the sleeve and the core meet and interacted. You will begin to experience motion initiated by your core layer smoothly and efficiently transmit out through your extrinsic muscles.

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